Area Attractions


Pristine Beaches – Everyone  loves Mendocino County for its splendid coastline, its rocky  tide-pool-favoring pocket coves overseen by Monterey cypress, pine and  redwoods. Anchor Bay, a little south and across the street from the  Inn, is protected from the nearly-relentless winds that blow out of the  northwest. The beach at Anchor Bay has a wide open sandy stretch at one  end and a rocky cove, with its own little waterfall bouncing down a  cliff that ends in a tumble of stones, at the other. It’s not unusual  to look out and see solid whitecaps against giant swells moving down  the coast. Anchor Bay, once known as Fish Rock Landing, was one of the  coast’s dogholes where schooners were loaded with tan bark and railroad  ties from a chute on the west point. The protected waters have  continued to be a haven for today’s commercial fishermen.


Parks – Mendocino and Sonoma Counties have many parks each of which offers a  variety of recreational activities. Gualala Point Regional Park is one  of the closest parks to the Inn. Located on the south side of the  Gualala River, the park has open meadows mixed with coastal forest. The  park contains a trail system, Visitors Center, coastal vistas and sandy  beaches. Gualala Point park is popular with day hikers, picnickers,  kayakers and canoers.


Artists, Studios and Art Galleries – The Gualala Arts Center is a multi-million dollar cultural facility  in the town of Gualala. Since 1961 Gualala Arts has served the costal  residents and visitors with year-round programs of art, music, theater  and education. The facility is open weekdays and most weekends. In  August the Gualala Arts Center hosts Art in the Redwoods event.    In addition there are many art galleries to visit during your stay on  the coast.


Wines and Wine Tasting – The Anderson Valley is located in the rolling hills of the coastal  region of Mendocino County. Only fifteen miles long, this beautiful  valley is home to a unique group of wineries producing a broad range of  excellent wines. Whether you are an experienced wine aficionado, or are  just discovering the pleasure of drinking good wine, the Anderson  Valley is a great destination for your explorations. Visit the tasting  rooms that range from a picnic table at a backyard winery to a  beautiful salon at a sleek modern facility.


Point Arena Lighthouse – Increasing shipping traffic, dangerous reefs and several tragic  shipwrecks all combined in the mid-19th century to prompt the  construction of a series of lighthouses along the California coast. One  of the most impressive of these was the original Point Arena Light,  which began operation in 1870. Located at the tip of a narrow  peninsula, it guided ships faithfully for 36 years until an earthquake  destroyed it. The Point Arena Lighthouse was rebuilt and is open for  public tours every day of the year except Thanksgiving, Christmas and  weekdays in December and January. The Point Arena Lighthouse has been  featured in two films, Treasure in 1982 and Forever Young in 1992, as  well as numerous television commercials. Located on a magnificent  peninsula with fantastic scenery, the location is a natural draw for  whale-watchers, bird-watchers, ocean-watchers and lighthouse  enthusiasts.


The Sea Ranch Golf Links – The Sea Ranch Gold Links has been one of the most highly regarded  golf experiences in California for many years. Designed by Robert Muir  Graves, the course has been widely acclaimed for the manner in which it  has been blended into the existing landscape and was one of the first  Scottish Style links built in the Western United States. Each of the 18  holes will challenge your shot making ability. The course is open all  year, weather permitting.


Kayaking and Canoeing on the Gualala River – The Gualala River forms the border between Sonoma and Mendocino  counties and is backed by thousands of acres of private forest.  Unhurried and undeveloped along its entire length, the Gualala River  supports an abundance of wildlife and is protected from motorized  watercraft, providing a perfect setting for safe, self-guided paddling,  past redwood forests, salt marshes and sandy beaches.


Whale Watching – Whales swim by twice a year, in the fall as they migrate south and in  the spring with the babies on the way to Alaska. Just watch the sea for  their spouts.

Sea Lions – Watch for sea lions in the surf.